Approaches to Counselling/Therapy

Counselling - Therapy Modalities

By approaches to counselling, we mean the style of counselling that is used. There are many theories and approaches to counselling and your counsellor will have trained in at least one of the following modalities.

Person Centred Counselling

This approach takes the view that every person has the internal resources they need for growth and to fully develop their potential for life. Person-centred counselling aims to provide a non-judgmental, empathetic, open and honest setting that helps facilitate growth and potential to occur.

Jungian Approach

This approach is based on the principle that the client’s strengths will provide the foundation for building a more satisfying, meaningful life. By exploring and integrating information from your unconscious into your conscious experience and by paying attention to dreams, fantasies and relationships, clients discover how they can grow and create positive change in their live

 Gestalt Therapy

The Gestalt Therapy approach encourages individual personal growth through the development of self-awareness and self support to enable creative and spontaneous contact with people and the environment we live in. This process does not conform to preset rules or expectations. A Gestalt therapist encourages clients to explore and find ways to live life in a meaningful way. The learning and application of Gestalt therapy is always experiential with clients being encouraged to experiment between client and therapist as the vehicle for healing.

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

MI focuses on evoking intrinsic motivation for change.  This is brought about by creating a therapeutic environment that is focused on the clients desires to change.  MI is goal orientated and is a person centred approach.