Couples/Relationship Counselling Christchurch

Christchurch Canterbury Relationship and Couples Therapy

Is your relationship distressed? Do you need relationship or couples therapy? Do you have problems communicating as a couple; fighting a lot or not talking? Relationships can become strained and family members can be left feeling isolated and unappreciated. Counselling can solve these common issues we face including separation, divorce or when one or both parents form new relationships, relationship breakdown between siblings, death or illness of a family member, violence and abuse.

It’s common for couples to have disagreements but over time difficult life issues and challenges can put almost unbearable strain on a once loving and caring relationship.

At Albany House, our couples therapy counsellors are here to listen and support you without judging you. With counselling we can help you clarify the issues and identify strategies to revive and strengthen your relationship so you both feel reconnected, safe, secure and valued.