Youth Counselling Christchurch


Christchurch - Canterbury Youth Counselling

Are you, a Canterbury youth feeling overwhelmed, lost, lonely or struggling with life? Youth counselling is an opportunity for you to talk to someone. You can talk  about concerns you  have about yourself and others around you. Some of those concerns may include depression, abuse and violence, family breakdown, fear, addiction, relationships, bullying and gender issues.

At Rata/Albany House, we offer a safe place where you can talk confidentially with specially trained youth counsellors, who will  treat you with respect and not judge you. We are here to listen and support you to:

  • Understand yourself
  • Acknowledge feelings
  • Work through issues
  • Consider your options
  • Find your own answers
  • Make choices

At Rata Counselling Centre / Albany House in Christchurch our youth counselling is a non threatening way to get help for situations you face as a youth.