We are proud of the positive feedback received from clients as it verifies that the work we do is what our clients want. Here are just some of the comments given by clients when asked what they found helpful about their counselling. (NB: We have not provided names to maintain client confidentiality)

“That someone is here to listen and that they really hear and value what I am saying”
“Increased understanding of problems and solutions by being able to talk and think out loud with a helpful, encouraging person – one who does not interfere, have bias or control the necessary thought process”
“Caring, kind, supportive and teaching me to cope and learn”
“Being able to express myself better and acknowledge my emotions better”
“Being able to talk and not get judged”
“Getting to understand why I think the way I do”
“Learning new tools and knowing that I am me and that’s ok”
“An outsiders perspective, challenging ideas, a non judgemental attitude”
“Having a warm, safe place”
“Validating my experience, helping me develop roles”
“Structure for evaluating process and progress, uncluttering the brain”
“I am able to say no to things that I don’t want to do
“Calmer in myself, not so agitated, clearer in my thinking, being able to open up better to others”